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Speedy Clean Drain & Sewer Testimonials

Appleton/Fox Valley peeps: I just had my 60 yr old, sewer line lined with fiberglass, had a house trap removed and a sump pump system installed. I highly recommend Speedy Clean. Bill, the owner, has been super helpful. He does all the bidding (with insurance wording in mind) AND he shows up at the job site, at least to get the job rolling. Sewer finished yesterday. Sump installed this morning. Concrete finished an hour before the appraiser showed up. 26 hours from start to finish. They are definitely "Speedy"

Homeowner - Aaron

"I pass on Brian's appreciation to everyone at Speedy Clean that was a part of this project and thank you for your effort. I do believe that many (were) in your position at 11:30 p.m. would have 'thrown in the towel' ... your staff's determination allowed us to finish this project on schedule."

Plumbing and Heating Contractor - Mark

"I wanted to send a note of thanks for getting to my house on Friday. I had the pleasure of having Dylan at the house and he was very informative. Being a single woman can be daunting sometimes, and Dylan had me come downstairs to watch the camera while he checked things out. He took the time to explain everything to me, and gave me a recommendation regarding my 90 year old cast iron pipes. I appreciated his honesty and quite frankly, his attitude. You can tell he is a good “kid”, and a good employee. Thanks for sending him over, and you have my business moving forward."

Homeowner - Amber

"Just thought I'd pass a good word on. My Mother in law Jean had to call Speedy Clean to clean out her line and Brent was the tech that got the call. Jean said that he was there in a snap, and that he was very polite, friendly, and very professional. He brought in the equipment and very gently got it into the basement. Jean has a hard time getting down the steps so she didn't go into the basement and when Brent was done he showed her the tree roots that he took out of the line. After Brent took the equipment out he wiped up the stairs and made sure everything was cleaned up. When it came to the bill he asked if she had any coupons and Jean stated that she did get one, but couldn't find it. Brent said that it was ok and gave her the $25.00 off anyway. Jean stated that it was really nice to see a young guy treat an old lady so nicely. So please give Brent a pat on the back."

Appleton Homeowner - Michelle

"Thank you very much for your services provided to our rental unit in Menasha. We greatly appreciated the work you did!”

Landlord - Stacey

"Just a note to say ‘thank you” for the great service. From the gal that answered the phone, to the two guys who did the work, who were the nicest and most polite young men. We will surely recommend your company to others. Job well done!"

Homeowner - Jim and Pat

"Speedy Clean performs vacuuming services required for stormwater management system maintenance, storm sewer jetting and televising, and spill cleanup response. Bill Peotter and his staff have built this company on character, responsiveness, quality of work performed, and an ability to provide cost-effective solutions. Speedy Clean is a trusted and reliable partner that remains committed to a strong work ethic and takes pride in each and every task performed."

Industrial - Dave

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the years of great service. We really appreciate it and know that we can count on you and your staff to always take care of us!"

Restaurant - Guy

"I wanted to thank you & your employee for your outstanding work at our home recently (about 1 month ago). The gentleman that came out not only resolved the issue we had but explained why it was happening and gave us tips on how to prevent it from happening in the future. Needless to say, our floor drain in the basement has not been an issue since your company addressed the problem. Again thank you for your professionalism and reliability!!"

Linda R.

"The Speedy Clean patching crew handled my sanitary pipe renovation with great professionalism and integrity, doing a major pipe restoration project in just one visit. I would highly recommend Speedy Cleans CIPP pipe-lining technology for restoration of root-clogged or ruptured sanitary pipes. I can rest easy knowing I will never need another rotary clearing of my septic lines. Thank you Speedy Clean!"

Appleton Homeowner - Mike

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