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Northeast Wisconsin Drain Cleaning Experts!

Speedy Clean Drain and Sewer

Speedy Clean Drain and Sewer is a Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, Municipal and Industrial sewer cleaning, and inspection company. Included in our list of services: (but not limited to)

Any and all Household Drains and lines – kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilet, shower, tub, main lines, washer lines, floor drains, garbage disposals AND MANY MORE!
Residential Drain Cleaning
Commercial and Industrial Drain Cleaning
Cured in Place Pipe Patching
Hydro Excavating

Closed Circuit Televising Inspections (CCTV)

Our technicians have extensive experience in drain & sewer cleaning, CCTV inspections (Closed Circuit TV), pipe patching and lining, and are certified in confined-space entry. Our professional staff is able to identify and resolve even the most difficult problems. We don’t just provide a short term fix, we make sure that it is fixed right the first time.

Speedy Clean Drain & Sewer uses state-of-the-art equipment and is a leader in the industry. Contact us today at 920-734-4707.

Call Us Today For:

  • Any and all household drains and lines: kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilet, shower, tub, mainlines, washer lines, floor drains, garbage disposals
  • Septic drainage system
  • Frozen lines thawed
  • Sump pump replacements
  • High-velocity water jetting
  • Jet-Vac services
  • Video inspection services/CCTV
  • Underground pipe location/line tracing
  • Jet flush manure lines and vacuum manure pits
  • Pumping of grease traps
  • Hydro excavating
  • Cured-in-place pipe patching
  • Leachate line cleaning
  • Descaling

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