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Offering Hydro Excavation Service for Our Industrial Clients in Wisconsin

While traditional methods of digging have proved effective, they also have serious limitations. Mechanical excavation is detrimental to utility lines, as it can sever them and accidentally disrupt service if unexpectedly encountered during a dig. Additionally, cold weather can inhibit work entirely, especially if the ground is too frozen to penetrate. It also results in increased insurance and liability costs, as traditional processes bring with them higher risks of injury and death to construction and excavation personnel. For all these reasons, hydro excavation is a popular alternative, and Speedy Clean Drain & Sewer offers this service across Northeast Wisconsin.

How Hydro Trenching Can Help

Hydro excavation works by directing pressurized water streams into the ground while using an air vacuum to remove the excess soil displaced during operation. The streams are targeted to achieve precise results, which means that less ground is moved during the procedure. Additionally, it works with nearly any type of ground. It’s much better for the environment and avoids the common accident and injury hazards that workers in traditional dig situations face. Common applications of this technique include line, sign and pole installation as well as potholing to test for the presence of utility connections. It’s also favored for pipe and sewer restoration, and landscapers love it as a soft digging method that minimizes disturbance to the soil.
hydro excavating

Services Across the Whole State

In addition to offering soft digging methods, Speedy Clean Drain & Sewer is also a residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural plumbing company in Wisconsin. Don’t forget, we’re Northeast Wisconsin’s drain cleaning experts! For help with digging or plumbing projects, call us at 920-734-4707.